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Finding Inspiration - Take a class

This month’s idea to help you find inspiration, get creative, break out of a creative slump or to stop procrastinating.

Take a class

Nude model hidden by two students sitting sketching and a third students at a large easel drawing with charcoal
Life Drawing workshop

A sure fire way to get inspired is to throw yourself into something!

Try a one-day workshop in something new.

Join a weekly course and work alongside other students and get inspiration from the tutor (either in-person or online, I just happen to have some courses starting soon Click Here to see my courses).

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn?

Or a current skill or technique you would like to get better at?

Getting tuition and gaining experience is a great way to get you out of a ‘slump’ or get you fired up about creating.

Why? Because it can push you out of your comfort zone, you have to use your brain and think about the process and your brain wants to relate this to things it’s done in the past. It reminds you of skills you already have and how you learnt them.

It reminds you of the fundamentals of skills you've already learnt. We very easily forget why we do things a certain way. It may be that we have got into a bad habit or we've forgotten why we must do 'step 1 before step 2'!

We all know that flexing our brain muscles is good for us. So, learning a new skill can be beneficial to our brain.

You will meet people who have the same interests as yourself and be able to talk about your shared interest. Seeing other students' equipment, or the tutors, means you'll want to buy new art supplies! good or bad this can be a wonderful new world!

Finally feeding your passion is always good for you. Letting your mind get absorbed in art is its own kind of meditation. Not only can this be relaxing but it can also be rejuvenating and inspiring.

If you've been inspired by the suggestion then let me know.

If you have your own ideas then share them either directly with me or via the Student Chatroom.

Blog you later.....


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