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Private Tuition & Courses in West Sussex

Are you interested in 1:1 tuition? Or would you & a small group of friends like a bespoke course? How about a unique party experience, or would your Art group/society like a guest for one of your sessions? 

How would I like to learn?

Are you looking for 1:1 tuition? Maybe you would like to build up your skills & confidence

before joining a group or society?

Perhaps you are putting together a portfolio for an interview & you would like some

guidance, do you need support with the last few crucial pieces?

Are you a group of friends who would like to arrange a course suited to your individual


Or are you interested in booking a hen party activity?

Are you a group or society that would like me to plan a one-off talk, demonstration or workshop for you? 

(I regularly give talks and demonstration to Art groups locally)


What would I like to learn?

I can offer a variety of courses or individual sessions on many Art & Craft subjects,


  • Introduction to Watercolours, Gouache or Acrylics.

  • Introduction to Drawing, Pastels, Charcoal, Watercolour Pencils and Pen & Ink/Wash.

  • Chinese Brush Painting

  • iPad painting (or android tablets)

  • Book sculpture and Paper cutting

  • Printing; Mono, Lino (Relief techniques), Collagraph and Drypoint printing.                                                                                                      Along with support setting up your 'craft' press at home.

  • Face painting and more!

This is not a complete list, so please contact me if you have individual requirements or an idea that you would like to discuss.


How long do I want the course to run?

Would you like regular tuition, either weekly, or monthly? Would you like online tuition or in person?

Is this a one-off workshop for a day which would run 10am to 4pm?

Are you planning this as a fun / group / hen party / activity for a few hours? Say 10am to 12pm or 12pm to 3pm, or even as an evening session from, perhaps, 6pm to 9pm?

Where would I like the course held?

You may like the course held at your home, if it's one-to-one or just a couple of friends.

Or maybe there is a local venue, such as a village hall, that a larger group could easily attend?

If a venue needs to be hired this will be incorporated into the cost of the course.

I can teach in most areas of West Sussex & Hampshire as I am based in Bognor Regis.

I do charge travel expenses for none online sessions.

Don't forget I also offer online tuition!


Do I want materials provided?

If you already have materials and would like tuition this will probably not be necessary. But if you are new, you may like me to provide you with some beginners' equipment. If you are planning this as a party or group activity then I can provide sets of equipment for each person, relevant to your chosen activity. Material costs will be incorporated into the cost of the course.


How do I book?

The easiest way is to email me at with the answers to the

questions above. I can then get back to you with a quote or discuss your requirements



Basic price guide:

As a guide, tuition usual works out at about £40- £50 per hour.

Please note that group prices for 2 or more individuals are calculated to take into account for any venue hire along with equipment where necessary, with the price paid as a group booking.

Please see Terms and conditions below.

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