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Finding Inspiration - Get out your art supplies

I have spoken over the past few months, how this year I am struggling to get myself motivated.

I have regrettable put to one side (abandoned) my 100 Day project. I was missing more and more days and getting more and more stressed about catching up.

But why am I so unmotivated? If only I could answer that. I know part of it is struggling with time to set aside each day. Even now with the half-term break from teaching my weekly art courses I have managed to fill it with so much work I don’t think I’ll get it all done!

So, each month I’m going to look at a way that I (and you) can get inspired. Finding Inspiration. No deadlines, no expectations, no pressure. We will either be inspired or…. We won’t.

If you are inspired by the suggestion or by taking part in the suggestion then let me know.

If you have your own ideas then share them either directly with me or via the Student Chatroom.

Get out your art supplies

table with a sheet of paper on top left to right is blue ink bottle, green reel of cotton, turquoise pencils, 2 blue crayons, 2 small pieces of crayon, a light blue pencil, light blue oil pastel. At the top of the image  above these is a blue pen and blue felt-tip
Art supplies

Now this seems obvious. Get your supplies out and start working.


No, don’t panic about working. Just look at what you have.

Do you favour a certain colour palette?

Do you have lots of one type of medium?

If so go and look at artist and work that use the things you like to use. You may find that you have media that you have never used. I know I do.

Think about why you haven’t used it.

Is it because you don’t like it? Then give it away (more about Art Swaps another time).

Is it just you haven’t made time to try it properly? We often get new supplies and want to create something amazing. But why not just play around with it and see how it works?

Get some good paper or canvas out, make some marks, add water or other mediums and see how it moves.

Use it dry or wet.

Create a simple colour wheel by mixing the colours or create a tonal-scale.

Now you can think about using it to create a new image. Start small and work freely while you are getting used to the feel of the medium. Build your confidence and LEARN how this medium works.

I hope you find this inspiring.

Blog you later.....


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