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Finding Inspiration - Visit a gallery or art show

This month’s idea to help you find inspiration, get creative, break out of a creative slump or to stop procrastinating.

Visit a gallery or art show

two silhouettes sitting in a gallery looking at a wall covered with artworks

We know that seeing other artists work can be inspiring (and a little intimidating). But taking time to look at artworks, up close, can help us understand a little more about how the artist produced their work.

Visit a gallery and see how the work is curated:

How has the gallery grouped the work?

What colour are the walls in each gallery space and how does this enhance/detract from the work?

What media has been used by different artists?

What work stood out for you and why? Sometimes we can get a little ‘Art blind’, so just choose one exhibition or section of a gallery.

I know some people sketch in a gallery and I encourage you to give it ago. I love doing this in museums. But I also like buying postcards! Coming home and looking through my favourite works from that days visit and adding them to my sketchbook is lovely. If you don't get postcards or other memorabilia, then go online and download some images to stick in your sketchbook. See what ideas they inspire.

There are also lots of Open Studios or Art Trails on locally so visit some local artists. Have a good chat with them. Visit artists who are working in an unfamiliar medium. It’s always interesting to see how they produce their work. Find out which artists inspire them, where they get their ideas from and how they stay inspired.

It may 'inspire' you to join an art trail or open studio. It may help you to decide how to display your work for exhibition.

If you've been inspired by the suggestion then let me know.

If you have your own ideas then share them either directly with me or via the Student Chatroom.

Blog you later.....


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