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Finding Inspiration - Go for a walk

This month’s idea to help you find inspiration, get creative, break out of a creative slump or to stop procrastinating.

Go for a walk

Sketchbook resting on bench looking out from a hill over fields, woods and winter countryside
Sketching out on a walk

This one seems quite obvious. We know how beneficial a good walk can be; getting exercise, breathing fresh air, getting us up and out.

So just go for a walk, whether it’s in the town, countryside or coast.

For creating inspiration why not give your walk a focus. Look at where you are walking and try to spot things you haven’t seen before. Pause and look at small details. Listen to the sounds around you. Look at the difference between natural and manmade features along the way. If you are walking somewhere you go often, look at how things change colour, what is the light like in the morning or the afternoon? Take photos on your phone or use a sketchbook.

I have previous blogs about sketching outside and the equipment I take with me. So do take a look at those.

If you've been inspired by the suggestion then let me know.

If you have your own ideas then share them either directly with me or via the Student Chatroom.

Blog you later.....


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