September 2021 Art Prompts

1. Art tutorial

This month I’m going to take you over to my free course’s and tuition page.

The past two videos have been slow meditative watery wash landscapes.

But if watercolour and ink washes aren’t for you there are plenty of printing, crafts, acrylics and more to watch and try.

Why not share what you’ve tried on the Student Chatroom!

2. Exhibitions, courses and things to see You still have time to submit work to Open21

Worthing Theatres and Museum Open exhibition. Anyone who lives in East or West Sussex can enter. The deadline is 10th September.

Find out more here

3. Materials and more More Student’s Art Research this month is Hellen Dungey with a short introduction to Michael Morgan

Read it here

if you would like to submit a piece of research or a review of gallery, you can send it to me via email, with any links and photos to accompany it and I’ll post it to my website.

4. 7 days of sketching This month’s 7 days of sketching is based on the woods.

1. Leaf

2. Nut

3. Berry

4. Spider

5. Twig

6. Mud

7. Bird Don’t forget to submit your response to the prompts on the Student Chatroom/Art prompts to be in with a chance to win this month’s Artwork set below. Please make sure you title your post with Art prompt. WIN September's Artwork:

This month’s Artwork prize is a lovely boxed sketching kit. It includes a set of different coloured sketching papers, a black and ‘white’ charcoal, a rubber and pencil sharpener.

Everything you need to get you sketching….or to sketch more!

I can’t wait to see what you produce this month.


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