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July Art Post 2021

1. Drawing tutorial This month’s tutorial is all about the ‘continuous line’ technique and continues my Drawing essentials series. Continuous lines

2. Exhibitions, courses and things to see Pop to the Royal academy and take a look at the David Hockney The arrival of Spring Normandy 2020 Take a virtual tour here If you’ve been lucky enough to get tickets and visit the show, then let us know what you thought on the Student chatroom.

3. Materials Did you miss last month’s YouTube videos? Check them out now The first is all about Colour theory. I used watercolour, but try it in your favourite medium. The second upload last month was a great one for beginners and focused on Watercolour washes. Find a full list of all my videos and tutorials here. 4. 7 days of sketching This month’s 7 days of sketching is based on a Gardening theme. For the keen gardeners out there these flowers should all be looking lovely this month. (for the rest of us…well what is a Bupleurum??.....) 1.Rose 2. Sweetpea 3. Marigold 4. Hydrangea 5. Love in a mist 6. Bupleurum 7. Catmint Don’t forget to submit your response to the prompts on the Student Chatroom to be in with a chance to win this month’s Artwork set below.

Please make sure you title your post with Art prompt.

WIN July's Artwork set:

This month’s prize is one of my lovely lino printed dandelions!

I can’t wait to see what you create this month.


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