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December Art Prompts

1. Art tutorial

As some of you may know I have had some issues with my vision recently and I want to apologise as I haven’t been able to edit videos or add to my free resources this month.

I will be making new content soon and editing over Christmas so keep your eye on my website or YouTube channel.

Why not share what you’ve been up to on the Student Chatroom!

2. Exhibitions, courses and things to see

Well as it’s nearly Christmas how about an Art Advent to see us through the month. One of my lovely ‘online’ students suggested this and I’ve found several more you may find interesting;

Ashmolean Museum online advent calendar

University of Aberdeen online calendar

Museum of Natural History (2018)

The Art society Artvent email advent

or take a look at some wonderful Nativities from around the world

Glencairn Museum (word nativities 2020)

3. Materials and more

I often get asked about Copyright and using images found online. If you want to learn more or check if you can use an image, take a look at my new blog post.

I found a photo on Google, can I paint it?

4. 7 days of sketching

This month’s 7 days of sketching has a decidedly Christmas feel

1. Bauble

2. Sparkle

3. Tree

4. Star

5. Food

6. Snowflake

7. Festive

Don’t forget to submit your response to any of the prompts on the Student Chatroom

I can’t wait to see what you get up to this month.


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