#March meet the maker

#March meet the maker;

Set up by @joannehawker in 2016, this is a yearly event on Instagram.

Follow the hashtag (*see below) to see loads of artists and makers work. Each day through March there is a prompt to answer. Encouraging everyone to write or post an image about themselves or what they do.

There is a list of daily prompts (which changes each year).

Some have logical answers and I’ll have a corresponding image on my phone. So those are quick and easy to post on those days. Others take a little more time and effort. Some makers use this as an opportunity to promote their brand or ‘look’. Creating images in colours and formats in line with their business style.

I’m not that organised. I took part last year and decided to take more photos linked to my brand/look…………. If you’ve followed my social media, then you’ll know that that never happened. Although I still haven’t worked out what my look is yet!

Feel free to send me some advice on that.

You can follow me on social media with my name @artwithtricia (Instagram and Facebook) or you can follow students work as I post it @artwithtricia_students (this is only Instagram).

Here are a few of the images from this months prompts, so far.

*What is a hashtag and how does it work?

Hashtags # are used on social media e.g. Twitter and Instagram mostly, but also other apps like Facebook.

A hashtag # is the symbol that proceeds a word or set of words. Those words automatically turn into a link that lets you see all posts and images where someone else has used that hashtag #.

If you like tea just add the # to the front of the word when typing in Instagram (for instance); #tea. Then you can click on this linked word and see everyone else’s posts about tea!

Remember you don’t need any spaces, so searching for Van Gogh you need to write #vangough.

This also lets other people look at things you’ve posted that they are interested in.

You can also follow hashtags. Click on the hashtag you like and you will go to a page showing you all the post with that hashtag. Now click the follow button at the top. You will now be sent a selection of post using that hashtag to your feed (all the things you see each time you go on social media).

It’s a great way to see new images and discussions about your favourite things!

Have fun and Blog you later......

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