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Trying to get myself motivated in 2023

Those following my #the100day project will have seen that I haven’t been working very hard! (follow my #100daysofminiartwork on my instagram page

Well I have been working hard, but not on staying creative. I chose to join the project again this year to get me back into a daily(ish) practice and I just don’t seem to have got it off the ground yet.

Do you feel like that at the moment?

I’ve managed to blame the weather (for being so grey and dull), my courses (for me being too busy), my emails (for me being too busy), YouTube (because it wants so much content it’s keeping me too busy) and the weather again (for making my studio too cold to work in).….do you see a theme here?

But I have a feeling it’s about me not prioritising my time to what should be important, rather than allowing outside factors to dictate how I use my time.

So, my ‘3 months into the year’ resolution is to plan my time better and use it more effectively. With that said there is a TV program I want to catch up on and I could do with a cup of tea….I’m sure I’ll be back and focused soon.

I did manage to do a sketch today (it has been lovely and sunny, so great to be in my studio and warm!).

My daughter bought me a lovely bunch of flowers for Mother's Day, although this was a few weeks ago I still have some odd blooms that seem to want to live forever.

So with the sun streaming into the studio I sat there and created a pencil sketch. I then added oil pastel to add hints of colour. A very motivating morning.


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