New shop coming to my website

Well this is something I have been trying to do for the past six months, at least.

I'm writing my blog about it to see if it will get me motivated!

Last year the plan was to exhibit my work in local galleries. Well that didn't quite go to plan. I did have my work at The Craft Cabin in Bognor, but with lockdown restrictions I was paying for a space where no-one could visit! I still exhibit at Littlehampton's Pier Road gallery and I'm thinking about contacting other galleries, but it's not my main priority now. What I did realise is that when work is at a gallery and someone contacts me directly to buy it, it is a nightmare to either get it back or to get them to complete the sale with the gallery.

I have had my work on my website for years, but never really made any sales directly through my site. I only have a free shop facility so can only sell 10 item (which are usually my Saturday courses). So I will be investing in a proper shop facility for my website, where I can sell my work, my new cards along with my courses.

This sounds very exciting doesn't it?.....Or very scary!

Each day I swing between excited and scared and each day I put off getting myself organised. I am hoping to get the shop going in the next month or two, along with a few more upgrades to my website, so keep your eyes open and look out for a special offer on my newsletter!

If you aren't signed up to my newsletter...then why not?..... scroll down the page and sign yourself up now!

Blog you later...... I'm off to procrastinate a little more....


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