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September's Art Prompts

1. Drawing tutorial

I thought as this was going to be a regular affair that my prompts should have a little more structure…. Or useful-ness!

So prompt 1 each month will be a drawing tutorial. A step by step exercise to practise your drawing skills….we may well move on to painting as the months go on. I am working on these tutorials and you will be able to find them all on my Art Resources page under Tutorials and Videos, and then click on ‘Free’. So this month there are 2 tutorials to look at;

Pencil Drawing tones and shadows

Coloured pencil drawing simple still life

Each tutorial also has a downloadable/printable step by step instruction sheet that you can use as well.

2. Exhibition

This month The Scottish Gallery have an exhibition continuing their series Modern Masters, reviewing 125 years of exhibiting women artists.

Click through to see a virtual gallery tour and find out more about their collection of modern women artists.

3. Enrol on a course!

Well what course could you choose….hmmm let me think….

The National Gallery have a mixture of talks and online Art History courses that look really interesting. Their Stories of Art 6 week online course looks really interesting. They also have some free Talk & Draw sessions as well. Find out more here.

…….Or I guess you could choose my new ZOOM online drawing and painting course!

100 Views. During this 12 week course you will work through a series of exercises each week to build up a collection of experimental sketches. Fill a sketchbook full of experimental lines and marks in different mediums, using 1 'view' as your starting point. You will also be encouraged to research work by artists such as Hokusai and Monet.

To find out more visit my website. 12 week online course, Mondays 10 to 11:30 am £120

4. Another shameless plug.

Take a look around my website. There is sooo much content on their now. I’ve moved things around so if you can’t find something do let me know. Also if you find things hard to get to let me know as I want you to be able to access everything.

I’ve changed the menu titles to Artist and Tutor…which I hope makes things easier. Artist is my work and exhibitions. Tutor is my courses and Art Resources.

If you visit the Art Resources page you have 3 options.

1. Student Chatroom (I’ve recently posted a video all about photographing, cropping/editing your image and uploading to the chatroom. )

2. Online learning. You can see my whole catalogue of free tutorials (as in prompt 1) and videos just by visiting the Free video and tutorials page. Or visit Buy courses and more to enrol on my new Watercolour beginners online video course which you can work through at your own pace over a 4 month period.

Take a look at my Patreon page which I’ve set up for students to say thanks for all the content or sign up for a monthly download of a template to use along with my free art videos.

3. Finally scroll down the Art Resources page to find loads of things linked to different project topics.

Most projects have course handouts, web links, possibly some videos and images to either get you started or add on to a course/project you are interested in.

Don’t forget to share what you have done for each of the art prompts on the Student chatroom!


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