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New website

Well, I've been threatening to update my website for a while now.

The main aim was to upgrade my website to add a functioning shop. Some of you may have purchased a course via my current shop.....which works.....okay.

Sometimes things don't quite work right, not very often, but it isn't great.

I can only sell 10 things through my site shop, which means I can't have any of my artwork for sale.

The past year (during COVID) I have had every intention of selling my work via I have sold some pieces via my social media, but it isn't a real shop. I need to add extr features for that. After reading about issue and problems with Etsy I thought I would try adding a better shop on to my website. Unfortunately, this is where everything ground to a halt.


Well, I think I was a little bit afraid.

I've procrastinated.

I've taken photos of my artwork.

I've made a new catalogue system for my work.

I've re-sorted my artwork (twice more!)

and finally I've upgraded my website (which means I now have to pay a monthly fee!).

At the time of typing this I still haven't got my shop sorted.....but it is on it's way.


But what this does mean is that I have a new spangly website about to kick into action.

My site is divided into two; is all about me and my artwork is all about my courses, art resources and student chatroom

I hope that when you visit either site, you may not even realise there is a difference.

And with luck they both flow and link with each other..... with luck!

All I have to do is get the shop sorted by adding products, add a booking page for courses, check that everything is spelt right (you know it never will be) and make sure everything links to where it's supposed to.

Oh and make sure everything is neat and lines up properly.

.......... Then I can make it go live!!!

Fingers crossed for the start of September.


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