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Adventures with YouTube

I’m dabbling with YouTube at the moment.

My ‘IT/ Media department’ is currently working on a little video opening title and close for my videos.

As some of you know my IT department is mainly run by me and when it comes to a crunch I subcontract to my partner. Who is not the speediest at the best of times, but seems even slower when I want help! Don’t tell him I said that or he may completely down tools and I’ve got some washing up I want done later!

I realised that last year I was practising some techniques for a short workshop.

“If I’m going through the whole process to see how long it takes, why don’t I film it?” my brain said to me.

Well this seemed simple. "Why not?"

Well it seems it’s a bit more complicated than that.

(Further down the page is some info' for first-time Youtube visitors)

Here is the process I've gone through so far:

1. Set all your equipment up in a NICE CLEAN SPACE. (First hurdle….tidy up!)

2. Give yourself a lot of uninterrupted time!

3. Set up camera (mobile phone) to video nice and clearly.

Yeah you’re done, you’ve created a video…….or have you?........

4. Download onto your computer.

5. Completely learn from scratch how to use a video editing package! (Or at least learn to use the parts of it that are crucial to making a seamless (-ish) video).

6. Possibly add some music.

7. Possibly add some text. (I haven’t mastered this yet!)

8. Upload to YouTube……okay lets go back a little bit to step 7 ......7.1 set up a YouTube account.

......7.2 get caught up with all the different things YouTube want you to do; add images, write a bio

......7.3 pull yourself away from YouTube and move to step 8!

9. Try to work out what most of the YouTube button/tab things do and if you should click them or not…. (Not completely confident with that yet)

10. Tell everyone what a great success you’ve become as a YouTuber and plan how you are going to rule the world.... Possibly write a blog about it and tell everyone in a newsletter.

11. Hope that someone clicks through and watches your video………

So while I wait for world domination, do visit my YouTube page.

There you can subscribe (I know you can, I have faith that you at least have my abilities and I’ve done it!) this will then send you a message anytime I upload a new video. So this is a good thing.

For those first-timers to YouTube

Okay here we go;

Find YouTube by searching for it, and then when you are on YouTube, at the top search for Tricia Johnson – Art with Tricia, (you can click on this linke to take you there.) you’ll see my face staring off into the distance while I’m drinking a cup of tea. So you’ll know it’s me! There does seem to be a few other people who have stolen my identity...but they don't seem to like tea!

Once you get to my page (or Channel as they call it in YouTube land) you will see my logo, then a menu of choices to choose and under that some videos.

So those videos are my most recent uploads. (HOME)

If you click on VIDEOS you’ll see all the things I’ve uploaded and a bit more information about them.

PLAYLISTS is where I’ve added thing that you also might like, but aren’t by me. My daughter has helpfully added a dance video here (I don’t know why and I’ll learn how to remove it at some point, but it serves as a reminder that I need to hit her on the head with a saucepan more often!)

CHANNELS is where you’ll find other channels (YouTubers) that I like and think you should look at. (As you probably know I don’t really like other people, and I haven’t got round to adding anything to this section…..I’m sure my daughter will add Shawn Mendes or Road Trip…..or some other singers we’ve never heard of. I think she thinks it’s good for us and keeps us young!)

DISCUSSION means you can add a topic we can talk about.

ABOUT is just a little snippet about me and link to my website.

Then there is also a magnifying glass to search what is on my page. I haven’t added that much so no real need to search my extensive back catalogue!

I do hope you take a look at my videos and give them a go. Do comment on the video and let me know what you think and what you would like to see next. And definitely LIKE the video by clicking the thumbs up….. if you like them, if not remember what your Mother taught you. “If you can’t say anything nice…….”

Biggest thanks for giving it a go.

Blog you later…..

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