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June's Art Prompts


So this months art prompts:

1. Take a Tate art quiz

Match your mood to an artwork

Which art collective do you belong to?

I belong to ... the Hackney Flashers!

Find your art inspiration

It seems I’m …..Eileen Agar

And Find out which Modigliani model you are

Oh no… turns our I’m mostly... Diego Rivera…… on the inside!

Or try one of the Tate Kids quizzes

On the Tate kids quiz ‘which colour are you?’ I’m multi-coloured like a rainbow…who’d have thought!

2. Complete one of my online tutorials or video projects

Online learning - tutorials and videos

Have a go at using charcoal or creating a pen and watercolour hummingbird design or a flower wreath!

3. Try a new medium. I know you have loads of mediums that you’re not sure how to use.

Visit the Colour wheel tutorial, download the simple colour wheel and follow the sets in your chosen medium. This is a great way get familiar with a new medium without the pressure of completing a finished painting.

Get a feel for mixing, consistency or mark making by completing the colour wheel template.

4. Enter A letter in mind exhibition.

Register your interest

And find more details of the project. This is a really worthwhile charity and a great way to give yourself an exhibition deadline. It also gives you a taste of working to a brief.

Don’t forget to share what you have done for each of the art prompts on the Student chatroom!

Blog you later....

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