A massive thank you for all your support over the past year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past....well 20 years, but especially the past year.

I know it hasn't been easy for many, so it's lovely to know you are out there.

In 2020 with the first shutdown of my art courses and with several students missing out on the last session of some of my beginners/introduction courses I decided to film the last session and post it on YouTube.

This was my first ever attempt to film myself demonstrating and it went okay.

Those of you who have watched those first videos, will...hopefully.... see that I've improved. But it did make me realise that I could still reach out to students while courses were 'locked-down'.

Little did I know how long that would continue for. So as the summer arrived, I began creating more online content and exploring ways to stay in touch with students.

Here are some of the changes this past year;

Lots of lessons/demonstrations added to my YouTube channel and website.

Art courses moved from ‘in person’ to online (Zoom and Skype).

My first ‘on demand’ online art course set up: ‘Watercolour beginners’.

1 day drawing workshops (West Worthing) postponed, and continue to be for the time being.

Newsletter sent out monthly, with 4 Art prompts to keep you motivated.

Series of Drawing ‘essential skills’ videos exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

A chance to win a prize each month for submitting (on the Student Chatroom) a response to the Art prompts.

It has been so much fun (and stressful) getting YouTube videos out every couple of weeks. I am now in a bit of a flow getting lots of free content out there for everyone to access. Do visit the Art Resources page to see it all.

It has been great to keep in touch with so many students over the past year as not all have been able to join online classes. More people are signing up for my newsletter and that has been great, so I do hope you are enjoying the content.

If you can pass details to a friend to join my mailing list, then please do. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel or my social media then that would be wonderful.

So, what’s coming:

Well this is a tricky one isn’t it!

I have 1 day drawing workshops planned each month, but at the moment I’m still postponing those…. but hopefully I will be able to run some in a few months’ time.

In person courses are another thing being postponed, but with fingers crossed for after Easter.

More on demand courses are being filmed. These include Gelli plate printing, Alcohol inks and a Drawing beginners’ course. I just need to finish filming and edited. A little longer job than it sounds!!

Easter online mini courses. Yes! Now we’re talking. These courses are 2 to 3 hours long and some are limited to 5 students only. So don’t miss out!

Find out more now.

Thanks again for joining me on this fantastic journey and long may it continue!!

Blog you later....


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