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April's Art Prompts

1. Get social (at a distance); Join Facebook or Instagram and follow other students. @artwithtricia or @artwithtricia_students (only on Instagram) Or Join the Student Chatroom and set yourself up ready to go, post a question or answer one. This is the ‘Make a new friend’ prompt!

2. Get familiar with using YouTube. Set up an account to log in, that way you can follow (subscribe) to different YouTubers and see when they post new videos you might be interested in. This and prompt 1 is the ‘Getting IT ready’ prompt!

3. Watch and follow along with one of my demos. Do leave feedback either on Youtube or on the Student Chatroom. These are my first videos and I’m not quite set up yet, so let me know how I can improve and what videos you’d like to see next. You can also upload your finished piece to the Chatroom. (I bet you could if you tried.)

4. Set up a Drawing ‘isolation’ area, where it’s nice and bright (with as much natural light as possible), where you can leave your work out and you won’t get disturbed by family and pets. This is the ‘If I make it I will art’ prompt!

Bonus prompt 5. This is for keen students or those that missed steps 1 and 2 as they are already tech savvy. Take part in a 30-day sketch challenge. Use any media; pencil, pens, watercolour, acrylics or crayons. Choose to sketch each day or randomly choose each week form a list of prompts @juliemainstone or @dailysketchword Facebook and Instagram. www.tinkerlab.com www.worldwatercolorgroup.com



Or try a google search using words like 30 day, drawing, challenge, art, prompts, daily art, and find one that suits you.

I look forward to seeing what you do over April and I will be creating May’s prompts to link in with the Drawing and Painting courses work around books and narrative art.

Post your work or an update of your success on the Student Chatroom.

Blog you later.....

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