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Well my New year’s resolution – write a blog post each month - hasn’t gone well……this is my first post of the year…..sorry.

I have joined March Meet The Maker on Instagram (I’m also posting to Facebook and Twitter) it’s organised and lead by @joannehawker.

Each day there is a new prompt for the whole 31 days of March.

So far I’ve posted a really old photo of myself that I found at the end of last year.

Also images of my ‘product range’; which is odd as I usually think of my teaching as my main job, but I have a lot of art work for sale on my website. It has inspired me to organise and properly photograph my work. I need to get it ready for sale and update my Artwork For Sale and get promoting over the coming year. Just another job to add to the list!

I know I’m not going to quit teaching ( I do really love it) and only sell my work, but I would like a nice selection of my work for sale.

I still haven’t got a specific style or ‘line’. I’m a bit too much of a flibberyt-gibit (as my mom would say) swapping between ideas, images and media. And as everyone will tell you, I haven’t go the patience/interest to stick to one thing.

Follow my month of March via my different social media platforms.

@Artwithtricia Instagram - Facebook - Twitter

Blog you later..... (hopefully next month!)...........

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