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The more I'm doing!

So an update on my last blog (What more can I do?).

As you know my aim was to participate in exhibitions and events a little more, especially with my printing.

1). Awagami Mini print exhibition. Unfortunately I didn’t win a prize, but my work will be on exhibition in Japan from October if you want to go and see it!

2). Participate in 20:20 print exchange. Check, work in progress.

3). Participate in International Print Exchange. Check.

The image is based on some sketches I created a few months back at a Drawing Circus workshop in Chichester. The print is made of three paper stencil, screen printed elements (grey, green and red). Then a sketched element in linoblock in black. I should receive 8 originals back from other artists and one of my prints will be for sale and one exhibited;Banks Mill Studios, 71 Bridge Street, Derby , from 6 Oct - 4 Nov 2017.

I created a set first titled ‘Red Mules’ (image above). These are for sale at £30 each. Paper size 14 x 14cm ( image size 11 x 13cm). I also have 3 Variable editions on vintage encyclopaedia pages (right).

The set of 10 prints I created and submitted for the Print exchange is titled ‘Pink Mules’ as you can guess I changed the colour slightly, but I think I prefer the Red. This set has also lost the lino block marks, which is neater but not so much fun.

4). The World…… well actually I then submitted two pieces into the Littlehampton Museum ‘Open’. So I am awaiting feedback on those.

The first one is a version of my Awagami entry, this second one is titled 'Fenceline'.

5). I’m going to have another go at the Littlehampton Town show (which is a fun thing to do with my daughter). So I will be submitting; crochet items, Chinese Brush painting, Sculpture, Oil pastel image, 4 x pears and 1 bunch of grapes, oh and some biscuits!

6). The World can have a rest from me for a few weeks…… but my plan for world domination is only just beginning.

Blog you later…..

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