What more can I do?

So I’ve decided to be a bit more productive with my printing. Spurred on by ‘Handprinted’ in Bognor Regis, my daughter and I joined the tea towel exchange for Water Aid. (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/handprinted)

This was great fun. We had to produce 3 tea towels each, make a donation to Water Aid and then drop our towels off at Handprinted. Then we received 3 tea towels back from 3 other artists who participated.

SOOOOooooo…. This got me thinking, maybe I could try a few more competitions, print swaps or even sell some of my work!

I’m hoping to put some of my Seaweed pressings for sale along with a few of my prints, but that’s another Blog and quite a bit more time and effort so let’s come back to that.

Firstly I decided to enter the Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition (AIMPE) in Japan. http://miniprint.awagami.jp/

I had to use washi paper to print on (and conveniently got sent a sample pack when I registered. Yey.) I decided to use a print that I had done before (lazy or hoping not to let the pressure get to me). So I went with a really nice collagraph that I made about 6-8 months ago. It’s a bit landscap-ish and a bit abstract.

Here is the finished print.

Here is the process of filling in the forms, packaging and posting. Super nerve racking!.....But the lady at the Post Office wished me well, so it’s already got a bit of luck going with it.

I wait to hear more.

Definitely going to splash out on some more Washi paper though!

Step 2. Participate in the 20:20 print exchange. (http://www.hotbedpress.org/exhibitions/2020-print-exchange/) Just need to get a design ready. I’ll keep you up dated.

Step 3. While I’m at it I might have a go at the international Print Exchange. (http://www.internationalprintexchange.org/current-guidelines.php) Although this needs to be with them by 31st August, so Summer holiday homework.

Step 4. The World….. or further suggestions gratefully accepted.

Blog you later....... when I've done some work!

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