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I have just finished updating the Allegory/ Narratives in Art resource page, ready for our new topic after half term! (Weekly Drawing and Painting students)

If you haven't looked on my ArtResources pages yet then go and check them out. There is a link on the left of every page on my website. These pages are chocked full of 'Course handouts', 'Website links' , 'Videos' and 'links to images', all selected to enhance your learning experience.

There are course topics like:

Drawing and Painting at Petworth House, God's eye Weaving, along with; Seaweed pressing and Crochet

There are also links to Drawing and Painting course projects:

Portraits, War Art and Propaganda, Vanitas & Memento mori, Botanical art, Veduta & Capriccio, Religious Art, Seven Elements of Art, along with: Light in Art and Compositions:

There are also a few pages that cover; Mark making skills and Useful Art links. If you have any links you would like me to include, that you think other students may find useful, let me know and I'll add them.

My favourite from the page is the Infinite Artwork - a random generating site that can supply you with a Title, Medium and Artwork Description. Great for adding a pretentious description to your work...especially when you're not sure what is going on in your own painting

Do check out the ArtResources page.

Blog you later..............

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