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Art courses

Courses, dates and venues around West Sussex

A list of all courses, dates & venues around West Sussex where Tricia will be teaching over the coming year.

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Art with Tricia workshops

One-off art workshops with Tricia. Including; Life Drawing, Wildlife and much more!

Learning art online

Art with Tricia courses online

Book an online course, watch video projects or download tutorials.

Student chatroom

Post and discuss your work

A Chatroom set up for students to post images of their work, discuss ideas and feedback to others. Tricia is always around to comment on work and offer advice.

Book a bespoke art course

How to book your own private course

1:1 tuition in your home, small groups or parties.

Art groups and demonstrations. All you need to know to book Tricia for your own art experience.

Art Resources

Course handouts, weblinks, videos and more.

Find all my free and paid for videos, the Student Chatroom and lots and lots of project resources including course handouts.

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Support me with a one off payment to just say Thanks! Or a monthly membership. 

Students can find resources relating to their course by following the link below.

“I really enjoyed this class.”

Amanda Callagan

“Great introduction, well taught and fun.”

Jonathan Grazzer

"An interesting & innovative day workshop exploring a whole new process. Well taught in a friendly & helpful way. "

            Sue Rae

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